Leon Cycle Australia’s Success Story in the Digital Landscape (brian daniel mercado website)

Leon Cycle Australia’s Success Story in the Digital Landscape

Leon Cycle Australia is a startup e-bike brand that started operating in 2014. They began penetrating the electric bike industry in Hanover, Germany. And their No.1 brand for entry-level e-bike enthusiasts is ‘NCM.’ 

Their product range covers the segments of mountain bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes, folding bikes, and cruisers.

NCM is an e-bike engineered and designed in Germany, then manufactured in China.

Once they’ve established the brand, they continue to expand into other countries and start their operations in Australia in 2018.

As an e-commerce business, Leon Cycle has established a comprehensive service network with local bike shops in Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States of America.

The Problem

Leon Cycle Australia needed digital marketing support to grow its online presence, increase its share of voice, and edge out the competition in the digital landscape.

They needed an integrated digital marketing plan to reach their target market. These are active young adults, old adults who want a healthier lifestyle, and students who want extra income through Uber eats. Aside from this, They need an expert who will track, analyze, and adjust their marketing campaigns.

Second, they also needed someone to optimize their customer journey in and out of the website. Successful digital marketing lead funnel and workflow will generate more interest, put Leon Cycle Australia top-of-mind for consumers, and attract more foot traffic into their stores.

However, with no in-house creatives and marketing team, Leon Cycle Australia did not have the capability or expertise to launch omnichannel digital marketing campaigns and produce creative assets for their stores and products.

The Solution

Rather than hiring a creative agency to expand their digital marketing efforts, Leon Cycle Australia hired me to develop plans and implement marketing campaigns for the AU & NZ market. 

I managed Leon Cycle AU’s social media accounts for Facebook and Instagram. I was also responsible for developing content and marketing strategies, maintaining a regular posting schedule, engaging with users, responding to questions and messages, and running paid ads on Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

I mainly focus on creating a layout for social media posts, website placements, and Facebook Ads. However, we do outsource some creative work when there are heavy 3D animations involved.

Also, I spearheaded website development to optimize the customer journey and manage our email campaigns and workflows to nurture our leads.

The Results

Leon Cycle’s online following grew significantly, with almost 400% growth in reach and engagements. Our team created a theme per promotion that boosted sales primarily towards unpopular products.

The Facebook ad campaign revolves around the NCM e-bikes, which will highlight the benefits and features of the item to attract customers. By creating a lookalike audience and narrow detailed targeting, we are averaging 138.77 ROAS.

In November 2020, we redesigned our website to tailor-fit our website according to how prospects behave and interact in our primary and product pages.

Check out Leon Cycle Australia’s website in December 2019 by clicking this link.

Leon Cycle Australia's website comparison from 2019 vs 2020
Leon Cycle Australia’s website comparison from 2019 vs 2020

After-sale support is essential as well, so we created a Facebook Group for the NCM bike community. The community allowed us to answer customers’ concerns and questions on maintaining and troubleshooting their e-bikes.

NCM Bike Australia (Leon Cycle Facebook Group) Exponential Growth in Digital
NCM Bike Community Australia (Leon Cycle Facebook Group) Exponential Growth in Digital

Once there’s a clear path and support for our customers, we have implemented a robust review system using reviews.io.

The app made automation easy and seamless. Their platform also integrates with Facebook, Google my Business, and Google Ads, which authorized our Google Ads to have a rich snippet for review stars.

Just this October 2021, we have reached 393 reviews and received a 4.40 overall rating.

It’s a pretty good number for a brand that just started in 2018. And as you look into customers’ sentiments about price, delivery, and customer service, we are above the industry average, which makes us proud of what we have achieved.

Leon Cycle reviews.io Good brand and product review
Leon Cycle reviews.io Good brand and product review

Due to our optimized customer journey and email marketing, we achieved our highest monthly sale at a 1.92% peak conversion rate on our website in January 2021. Just to mention, we also got an award as Australia’s Best New Electric Bike Brand in 2020. Check our award through this press release under the Lifestyle Awards section.

Leon Cycle Award Best New Electric Bike Brand in 2020
Leon Cycle Award Best New Electric Bike Brand in 2020

The reason why they won imho (in my humble opinion) is because all the Sydney Australian ubereats riders use them as Sydney Electric Bikes hires them out to them.

Mostly NCM Moscows and the branding is all over them , there’s simply a crapload of them ubereats people out now due to everyone staying at home.

Also they are price pretty well for what you get and are built pretty well. They ain’t the fastest or most hi tech but more of a trusted family car built with proven older tech parts that gets the job done. Very good as your first kit ebike which then set you off on saving for the higher end mid motor bikes.

NCM Aspen Plus Biker and SEB Customer

Lastly, the Australian region has also expanded its store footprint by establishing three new franchise stores in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Leon Cycle Melbourne Website Preview
Leon Cycle Melbourne Website Preview


Digital marketing doesn’t only pertain to paid media. It is an omnichannel management approach focused on improving the customers’ experience through every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Organic efforts like website optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media posting, guest post blogging, and posting reviews will significantly impact your paid advertising channels.

Facebook Ads is a powerful medium to boost sales and increase brand reach. However, we must take into consideration that proper tracking and analytics are the solid foundation of any digital marketing campaign.

Coming up with clear metrics for continuous improvement and tracking of your campaigns will help you create a cohesive digital marketing plan for your brand.

Build the foundation first for your Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan. Don’t be afraid to test different platforms. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the digital landscape. Everything needs to be personalized towards your target market and brand.

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