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You might be wondering: How can businesses maximize ad budgets, especially now with Apple's more restrictive tracking limitations in iOS 14.5 update? iOS 14.5 changed the landscape of digital advertising. Learn how you can keep up with this update with these three Facebook ad retargeting strategies.

Digital marketing doesn’t only pertain to paid media. It is an omnichannel management approach focused on improving the customers’ experience through every stage of the buyer’s journey. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the digital landscape. Everything needs to be personalized towards your target market and brand.

Free email marketing platforms are prevalent nowadays. With the stiff competition among email marketing tools, it’s no wonder that industry players have chosen to provide their audience more options. Here are the top five email marketing platforms that offer lifetime subscriptions.

Vying for your subscribers’ attention is a challenge. Launching a campaign is only the first part. Afterwards, you need to monitor its performance and see if you gained your subscribers’ attention and interest. In doing so, you’ll know whether your emails are doing their job or only sitting in the spam folder.