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I urge you to continue thriving for what the College deserves. As I pass the baton to our future representatives, let us hope that our college will soon make its mark. Take a leap of faith—as I have dreamed of change, may your desire radically transform the hearts around you.

When you’re managing a new business, running FB ads could be a little overwhelming. You might have the tendency to focus on implementing new strategies while forgetting the fundamentals of digital marketing. Learn the three key principles you need to keep in mind when launching a campaign.

Email marketing strategy is vital for every online business. It helps you nurture leads and boost customers' purchase behavior. It's also essential to grow your database as privacy becomes more of a necessity for paid advertising. Learn more about the different email marketing strategies.

Back in elementary, I was one of the top students. Thanks to my mother, I wasn’t distracted easily by computer games and anime. I pushed myself to become better, joining competitions within and outside my school. That sense of achievement has pushed me to my limits, and I would often end up disappointed whenever I don’t finish strong.

Coming from a by-the-book university, I had struggled to find the right career path. At that time, I had no idea what kind of work I wanted that was in-line with my marketing degree. Eventually, I decided to kick-off my career in digital marketing. Here are five reasons why I believe that the digital career path is future-proof.

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