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My College Journey in the UST Commerce Journal

PANAnaw Awards - The UST Commerce Journal Journey (bd mercado)

It has been a thrilling experience joining the UST Commerce Journal. And as I graduated as their Chief Photographer last 2018 , I wrote this column to inspire and motivate the young people on our college.

Life Will Change

As we grow old, everything we’ve been through will all make sense. 

Back in elementary, I was one of the top students. Thanks to my mother, I wasn’t distracted easily by computer games and anime. I pushed myself to become better, joining competitions within and outside my school.

That sense of achievement has pushed me to my limits, and I would often end up disappointed whenever I don’t finish strong. 

As the youngest in the family, I had a lot of pressure on me since my siblings graduated with academic recognitions. I wanted to find out how I can leverage my abilities in college, so I evaluated myself in my own SWOT matrix.

Through my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, I matched my capabilities with the external factors that can help me improve myself. I applied in various organizations in my first year, but only the Commerce Journal (CJ) stood out.

In the Yellow Room, I found an arena where I can show off my skills. I have poured my heart and soul into my craft as CJ became the avenue for my competitiveness, with my achievements in the publication weighing more than my uno’s.

I wanted to push myself further by running for the Creative Director position, but the odds were against me, forming my disappointing plot twist of 2017. Still, I stood strong. I stayed because quitting would be like fleeing from a war that’s far from over, and I couldn’t let my confidantes carry the remaining burden.

Then came another plot twist—the PANAnaw Awards, an intercollegiate Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) competition.

Even though we only made it to the top six, the sleepless nights, missed classes, and meeting expenses were all worth it. We went through thick and thin to reach the end of our PANA journey, and I thank God for His grace that we made it to the finals. 

Truly, 2017 was a bumpy ride. The future I had wanted never became a reality, but God formed a better version of my plan, and I will forever be grateful. Indeed, everything that happens has a purpose.

Failing is just a part of becoming stronger. Whenever you’re feeling down, just take heart and pray—everything will come to pass.

On that note, I’d like to thank the people who became the puzzle pieces that completed my college journey.

To my parents, thank you for showing your support every time I change my profile picture. Kidding aside, thank you because you’ve never been tired of my demands and shortcomings, and I apologize for being such a burden at times. 

To Honeylen, thank you for being there for me during difficult times. I am grateful to have you under my wing.

To Aletha, don’t be afraid to lead again. What matters most is what you do in the present and what change you will bring. I know you are a strong person, and you got this. You just have to believe in yourself.

To my Kaladkarin friends, Heidi, Bianca, Zhoya, Ciarra, Trish, Luigi, and Gino, thank you for our spontaneous gala’s. Thank you for the Iglesia GC, where we can share our unfiltered thoughts. I love how we care for each other and how you turn my boring nights into a blast.

To my closest high school friends, Trisha, Katrina, and Honey Grace, thank you for keeping in touch even with our busy schedules. I’m grateful to have some old friends with whom I can share my rants and experiences.

To my coloring book buddies, Tiffany, Micca, Francis, Rose, and Adrian, thank you for the nakulayan nating drawings. I’m happy that we will finish our major with the unforgettable memories we shared. 

To my thesis mates, thank you for your undying love for our product, Magnolia Gold Butter. We have different personalities, but I like how we complement one another. We once named our GC “Road to Best Thesis,” and now, we’re here! 

To my PANAnaw team, Fides, Patricia, Michaella, Ivy, Patrick, and Christian, thank you for making it possible for us to make a mark in the University. I miss our heartfelt battle, so  let us spend some time together in the future, pretty please!

To the amazing group of people leading CJ this academic year, thank you for the never-ending passion to hone our kids’ skills. Although we have chosen a path that seemed difficult to finish, I am proud that we are finishing our term with a smile on our faces. 

For every one of us, the future is deemed uncertain. But whatever situation we are in, we just need to hang on, and eventually, tables will turn. Because in every downfall, we learn and become stronger to face tomorrow, hoping for a brighter future.

-Phantom Thief

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