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17 Email Marketing Strategies for your Newsletter Campaigns [2021]

Email marketing strategy is vital for every online business. It helps you nurture leads and boost customers’ purchase behavior.

It’s also essential to grow your database as privacy becomes more of a necessity for paid advertising. Due to iOS 14.5 update, Facebook Ads cannot utilize 3rd party data, so you might as well collect that personal information yourself through lead magnets.

I’ve been in the digital marketing landscape for about three years now, and through my experience, everyone should be knowledgeable about the right metrics to track and the best practices to implement on your automation and email marketing strategy.

Here are 17 Email Marketing Strategies you should remember when planning your email marketing campaign:

Email Marketing Tip # 1

More than 30% of your recipients read your emails on a mobile phone.

So when including call-to-action buttons, make sure they have the right touch-target size, i.e., see if your finger (thumb/index finger) snugly fits in.

This makes it easy for your readers to click your actionable calls.

Email Marketing Tip # 2

You’ll not want to turn out as a spammer to your recipients by continuously sending nurturing emails.

Do some brilliant work by setting a threshold.

Two emails per week give you eight emails per month—a perfect start for your welcome series.

Check out these Free Email marketing platforms and start planning your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Tip # 3

Have an email to be sent out to a huge mailing list?

Segment your list into smaller batches and send the emails over a few days.

This will help you study your campaign performance overview in parts.

Email Marketing Tip # 4

According to a psychological principle termed the Mere Exposure Effect, the more people are familiar with something, the more they prefer it.

So when you start sending periodic emails to your recipients at their prime open time, you’re most likely to gain their attention and hence their goodwill.

Email Marketing Tip # 5

Ever tried reading your subscribers’ minds?

An email campaign could do this for you. Liven up your regular emails with an exciting poll or a survey.

This makes your campaign very engaging, gives a reason for your recipients to participate actively, and provides you with an opportunity to understand them better.

Email Marketing Tip # 6

Getting into your subscriber’s safe-sender list is the best way to prevent ISP filters from making your emails spam. But how do you get your subscribers to do this for you?

Simple. Add vCards (also known as VCF-Virtual Contact File) to your emails and let subscribers directly add you to their address books.

When subscribers mark you as safe senders, the chances of getting your emails delivered straight to their inboxes are high.

Email Marketing Tip # 7

Under-mailing and over mailing your subscribers — both have equal impacts on your brad’s reputation.

So how do you determine the right frequency to email your subscribers?

The best approach is to periodically visit previous open stats and decide upon the optimal email frequency. Every business will; have different open rates, so it’s best to start with four emails per month as a starting point.

Email Marketing Tip # 8

According to the Rule of Reciprocity, people feel happy and develop an urge to repay when they receive something.

Use the same concept for your emails—send informative downloadable incentives like e-books, infographics, product reports, session excerpts, guides, etc.

This encourages your subscribers, and they’ll develop a keen interest in connecting with you.

Email Marketing Tip # 9

The world of email marketing is becoming increasingly permission-based, and so should you.

Obtain explicit consent from your subscribers before you send them promotional emails.

This reduces the chances of uninterested subscribers from entering your mailing list while doubly making sure that the ones present in it look forward to your emails.

Email Marketing Tip # 10

Want to organize your team’s email marketing plans every month?

Create your digital to-do list with a calendar—mark your campaign schedules, country-based holidays, and other important events on specific dates.

Set reminders so you and your colleagues get notified on time and don’t miss out on the prime activities.

Email Marketing Tip # 11

Customer engagement is the ultimate goal of any email campaign. To build a good rapport with your customers, you need to add a personal touch to every email you send.

Emails from a known sender are said to get better open rates because that creates a sense of urgency in your subscribers.

So next time when sending an email, use a familiar sender name and address depending on the purpose of communication. And refrain from using a “no-reply” address as it puts the subscribers off in the first place and leaves those who opened the email clueless about what to do next.

Email Marketing Tip # 12

While creating your email marketing strategy, keep in mind that the email design is as crucial as creating compelling content.

Opt for a clean and straightforward email design that includes the right choice of colors and clear call-to-action buttons. For seasonal/festive emails, choose color schemes that go well with the occasion.

This grabs readers’ attention while making your emails highly performing.

As a caveat, if you’re experiencing low open rates, images and links may cause your email to go to their spam folder. It may be a good idea to test plain-text email send-outs and see if this will boost your open rates and stick with compelling write-ups rather than fancy designs.

Email Marketing Tip # 13

When collecting subscriber data through signup forms, make sure to tell them the purpose of collection. I.e., mention why you collect their data and how their data will be used.

Subscribers who are well informed about your engagement methods tend to invest more in your brand and look forward to a lasting commitment with you.

Email Marketing Tip # 14

Transparency is the most critical factor to consider in email marketing as it’s strongly connected with your sender’s reputation. This, in turn, reduces the chances of you being seen as an email spammer.

One good way to increase transparency is to add a note in the email footer that makes subscribers understand why your email is in their inbox. A standard example could be. “You’re receiving this newsletter because you’ve subscribed to it on our website.”

This way, you gain more trust, a higher sender reputation, and reasonable engagement rates.

Email Marketing Tip # 15

You can reduce the unsubscribes for your emails and drive more engagement by giving your subscribers the power to choose the kind of experience they want from you—In terms of content, frequency of communication, topics, and so on.

Adding a subscription-preferences option in your emails will do the trick for you. This option will help you collect your subscribers’ preferences and tailor your campaigns based on that.

Email Marketing Tip # 16

If unsubscribes’ are what you fret over, it’s time to stop that. Unsubscribers aren’t as painful as you think; you get several benefits:

By adding an ‘unsubscribe’ link in your emails, you automatically comply with all the email marketing laws. Your engagement becomes clean, conversion rates will improve, and spam complaints reduce because your effort and energy are spent only on genuinely interested subscribers.

Transparency between the email marketer and the subscriber is vital, as indicated by many of the latest regulations.

One of the easiest (not to mention most effective) ways to make sure you incorporate it in your emails is by using imprint information,

It’s always better to include details about your organization and the contact information of the authorized representative. This also results in lesser unsubscribes.

Email Marketing Tip # 17

As a marketer, you should constantly be testing every marketing strategy you carry out, most importantly your email campaigns. Making assumptions on what will engage your audience can get you bad results.

So here comes A/B testing, a methodology to put your work at ease. With A/B testing, you can test different versions of your campaigns with different sets of audiences and know which one performs better.

Every result from this trial and error method is a step to improve your future campaign, thus helping you drive better conversion rates.

These email marketing strategies may help businesses in many ways. 

What do you think of email marketing in these changing times? Is it really essential for startups? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section.

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