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5 Free Email Marketing Platforms [with Lifetime Subscription]

5 Free Email Marketing Platforms (with Lifetime Subscription) Bd Mercado Marketing School

Free email marketing platforms are prevalent nowadays. 

With the stiff competition among email marketing tools, it’s no wonder that industry players have chosen to provide their audience more options and benefits.

In this article, I’ll share with you top five email marketing platforms that offer free lifetime subscriptions.

But first, I’ll answer this:

Why is a Free Lifetime Subscription Better than a Free Trial Period?

You might often encounter the term “free trial for x days” when looking for a software online.

However, an even better deal lies with free lifetime subscriptions.

As I mentioned above, email marketing tools are competing to provide the most to their target customers. Hence, these platforms have chosen to follow different business models. 

One standout model is to offer their platform for free—not only for a limited period, but as long as the free subscription package works for your business. 

It means that you can take advantage of the limited version. Forever.

Free Email Marketing Platforms for Your Business

As a digital marketer, you’ll find these tools worth the try.

They’ll allow you to explore various features, from setting up automation, segmenting your audiences, and launching your campaign—all without paying a single cent.


Free Subscription:

✓ 2,500 Contacts

✓ 15,000 emails / month


One of the best free email marketing platforms, Sender lets you access all its features in the free plan. 

Plus, with a robust analytics feature, this tool allows you to track who did what—from contacts who opened your email to users who clicked on your CTA. 

Another key feature is its advanced list segmentation, which helps you build accurate buyer personas based on user actions on your site. 

And if you’re worried about how you’ll navigate the platform, Sender has a YouTube channel dedicated to video tutorials.


Free Subscription:

✓ Unlimited contacts

✓ 300 emails / day


With 140 design templates in its free plan, it’s no question that Sendinblue puts visually appealing emails first. 

Even better, this tool has customized each template to be device-responsive; that means all their templates look good on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

You can see it for yourself by toggling a certain preview format while choosing the best email template. 

Aside from that, this platform is not only good for email marketing, but also for customer relationship management (CRM). 

It allows you to store unlimited contacts at no additional costs, advanced segmentation included. However, workflows are limited for up to 2,000 contacts. 

You can read more about this feature in their CRM page.



✓ 1,000 Contacts

✓ 5,000 emails / month


If I’d have to choose which platform is best for e-commerce businesses, I’d pick SmartrMail. 

The Product Recommendation Emails feature says it all. 

With it, you can send varying automated emails with the following:

Another key feature addresses an issue prevalent among e-commerce businesses: cart abandonment. 

In the free plan, you can create up to three emails that will remind your customers about their abandoned cart.

The last feature I’ll highlight is SmartrMail’s smart segments. 

Made possible with its integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce sites, these smart segments can help you classify customers—from unengaged to at-risk to loyal users.


✓ 500 Contacts

✓ 15,000 emails / month


When it comes to usability, SendPulse ranks high with their drag-and-drop template editor. 

In this free email marketing platform, you don’t need coding skills to build your templates. A simple drag-and-drop of design elements will do the trick. 

Once they’re ready for launch, you can send your emails based on specific user actions. The Automation 360 feature allows you to set triggers based on users, events, behaviors, and other variables. 

However, one caveat is you can only create up to five events per workflow. 

Under SendPulse’s free plan, you can also conduct A/B testing for your email campaigns. This feature is perfect for businesses on the experimental stage.


✓ 2,000 Contacts

✓ 10,000 emails / month


It’s no secret that Mailchimp is the most well-known among these free email marketing platforms.

Here’s why it’s popular: this tool provides basic email creation and scheduling features.

With a decent editing tool, it allows you to easily modify your drip campaigns. Plus, with its Smart Recommendations report, you can see valuable audience insights for your marketing efforts.

Both these features are perfect for beginners!

However, in the free plan, Mailchimp has limited features. You may only use this package if you keep your subscribers within 2,000.

Another downside? Advanced email automation is not included in the free plan.

You can check out more of its free features here.

Which Free Email Marketing Platform is Right for You?

Each tool above has its own set of features that can do wonders for your email marketing campaign. 

With that said, it’s up to you to decide which email marketing platform will bring you the most benefits and suit well with your business.

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