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3 Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategies Post-iOS 14.5 Update

You might be wondering: How can businesses maximize ad budgets, especially now with Apple’s more restrictive tracking limitations in iOS 14.5 update?

Before anything else, let’s go through what the recent iOS update is all about.

iOS 14.5 and Its Effect on Facebook Advertising

Essentially, Apple devices running on iOS 14.5 have an ad tracking prompt: it allows users to opt-out of being tracked by apps that monitor their behavior. 

For consumers, it’s a good thing. It adds another layer of privacy–it gives them an option to prevent targeted ads from appearing on their newsfeed or amidst mobile games. 

But for businesses, not so much. It means that these consumers can now block the sharing of their device’s unique identifier at the app level. 

And for Facebook, ad tracking outside the app becomes limited. Reporting also takes a hit as ad activity results get delayed. 

ios 14.5 Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategy | App Ask not to track prompt preview
Here’s the new prompt you’ll see after you’ve updated your iphone to the new iOS 14.5 Update

On the bright side, we still have ways to run Facebook Ads retargeting campaigns without relying on third-party data. Read on to learn about three techniques to reaching iOS 14.5 users who have opted out of ad tracking.

How to Reach iOS 14.5 Users through Facebook Retargeting

1. Retarget video ads based on the watched percentage threshold

Video ads remain to be the best ad format to foster brand awareness and reach. 

According to Facebook insights, more than half of people in the US spontaneously come across videos on Facebook. That means now’s the best time to publish that video ad and introduce your target audience to your brand. 

On top of that, in one case study from ClearPivot’s Chantelle Stevenson, they learned that conversion rates can have a 20% to 30% increase with the aid of Facebook videos. 

Hence, having interactive and informational videos encourage potential customers to buy your product. It allows you to guide them through your funnel so they end up converting more efficiently. 

So, if you have a video campaign to generate engagement, you’ll want to try targeting users who have watched your three to five-minute video up to its 75% to 95% mark. 

Check out this video that I run for Leon Cycle Australia’s Facebook video Ad campaign to raise brand awareness for NCM Moscow Plus:

But really, it all depends on your video length. Testing different watched percentage thresholds can help you find that sweet spot in effectively retargeting to your audience.

2. Utilize Call-to-Action (CTA) button clicks

Usually, Facebook ads–from sponsored to videos–have a button like “Learn More” or “Buy Now” on their post. Now, these CTAs provide an alternative way for you to run a retargeting campaign. 

All you need to do is to create a custom audience, with your Facebook page as the source. Then, select “Clicked Any CTA”:

The limitation to this alternative is that you may not determine if they actually viewed or loaded your website content. But it still allows you to learn if they might be interested in your products. 

3. Collect 1st Party Data 

Data collected from your website–like email addresses and phone numbers–pave another way to retarget potential customers. And give them that last shove to purchase from your store. 

Here are three ways you can convince users to give you their email address: 

Pop-up Forms

A pop-up form on your website is an old-and-tested lead magnet. It’s a great way to get a potential customer’s email address in exchange for a freebie or a discount code they can use in your store. 

Since you’re reinforcing a reward, site visitors are more likely to give their email address to receive your enticing offer. 

I created a pop-up form for first-time web visitors to receive the discount we’re offering on their first purchase.
Newsletter Subscriptions

For service providers, an excellent way to gather email addresses is to place a section on your blog page where site visitors can subscribe to your newsletter. 

If they think you have insightful content, they’ll surely want a consistent information feed from your website. 

Content Offers

Whatever business you’re in, prospects need to learn about your business first before they choose to become your customers. 

You can assist them by providing valuable content and building momentum. Along the way, you get to answer their concerns, establish trust, and ensure that they’ll go to you first once they’re ready to convert.

Retargeting in the New Normal

As businesses rapidly adapt to the digital world, data privacy has become a necessity to protect consumer rights. 

Hence, these tracking regulations are here to stay. And they’ll continue to evolve.

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. The key is to keep testing and find that sweet spot for your retargeting campaigns so you can consistently innovate and keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Do you need help in improving your campaigns? Book a free audit and consultation with me. Here at, we’ll help you navigate digital advertising and curate the best marketing efforts for your business.

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